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Most Frequent Questions

Where Can I Find Turkish Online Export Toys Suppliers And Stores?

There are very few companies in the toys export sector in Turkey that operating as online store. Toys Turkey is the most serious platform in this field. You can contact us for your all demands. 

What Are The Advantegous of Importing Toys From Turkey? 

► Short transportation time thanks to central location of the country.
►  The fact that products are subject to the European free movement allows import procedures to be carried out quickly and smoothly.
►  Competitive prices.
►  The opportunity to find quality products in european standards.

What Are The Turkish Toys Advantageous Against Chinese In Toy Export?

  Major advantages of the Turkish toy industry in exporting to Europe with respect to Chinese toys;
► Ability to respond quickly to demand due to location
► The short duration of production and freight,
► Product quality in European standards
► Insecurity for Chinese companies
► Exchange rate advantages according to the Chinese RMB.

What Are The Main Requirement Of Toys Must Have According To “European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC into UK law S.I. 2011 no.1881.” ?
► Ensuring the ‘essential safety requirements’ in the regulations
► Being properly marked to ensure traceability
► Bearing the CE mark
► Being accompanied by instructions for use, and warnings where necessary
► Technical documentation and description of the conformity assessment method used for each toy must be available.

Which Materials Do Toy Manufacturers Use Most In Production?

 In the toy sector, materials such as wood, textiles and metal are being used. However, the main component used in toys is plastic, such as polyolefins, styrene derived polymers and plasticized pvc being the most used plastics in the toy manufaction.

What Kind Of Material Is Most Appropriate For Producing A Toy For A Baby?
 In today's marketplace, most of the toys are made from plastics or silicone, and some are made of wood. The majority of soft “plush” toys are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester; however, some are produced using natural fibers such as cotton.
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