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Wooden blocks consist of 100 equal parts. There are some examples made in the box. Wooden blocks are made of unpainted and painted wooden material. In the box of wooden blocks, there is a drawing booklet which can describe different models. According to the product you want to achieve the number of wooden blocks can change. Wood blocks contribute to the mental development of children and increase children's hand skills. It is also a fun time-consuming tool for adults.


Wooden blocks are useful in the development of children's imagination. Improves the organizational ability of individuals, concentrated ability, and increases the Coordination of hands and eyes.  Made of 100 % wood material. It is completely manufactured naturally. It is used for the development of children's emotions and talents. Does not contain harmful substances.

Package Dimensions 20x31x8 cm
Manufactured in Türkiye
Box Dimension 64x43x53 cm
Box Weight 35
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